Get Involved

The Muslim Healthcare Student Network (MHSN) is a growing organisation dedicated to nurturing excellence in healthcare. We aim to do this by creating a known source of guidance for Islamic medical ethics.

We are currently driven by a dynamic and talented team of volunteers. Our philosophy is to ensure each member of the team does what they feel comfortable doing, to the best of their ability. As such therefore, we are in need of more partners to support our work.


If you represent an organisation or university society that is interested in our work, then we want to hear from you. MHSN is keen to find partners to help realise its vision and to help disseminate its work. Please click on the link below to get in touch or take a look at the Transplant Alliance resources on the UK Governments website for an example of who we work with.


If you are a doctor, healthcare professional, student or even a member of society interested in our work, then there are several ways you can support us.

1.Financially. MHSN is a not-for-profit organisation, that solely runs on the generosity of its supporters. We do not charge for the research we do because we believe it must be as accessible as possible. However, we do incur costs in the both researching and disseminating our material, and so if you can support us financially, then we welcome your support. Spreading knowledge is a virtue of great magnitude in Islam. Your help in doing this is vital.

2.Physically. MHSN is in need of volunteers. Please get in touch if you want to support us with your time.